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Sri Gethuk Waterfall, hidden green jewel of Gunungkidul

Fellow travelers!! ,,
Here I present to you a hidden green jewel of Gunungkidul: Sri Gethuk waterfall. Not many know about this site yet, then I give to you an information that I gather from dan special for you fellow travelers!

All this time, Gunungkidul Regency in Special Region of Yogyakarta is well-known with baren limestone hills. However, Gunungkidul actually possesses many natural potentials such as rivers that split the high cliffs then form some spectacular landscapes. One of them is Sri Gethuk Waterfall which is located on the banks of Oya river. The water of the river and waterfall flow every seasons, even if it is long dry season. This natural gift grants locals and visitors as well so much pleasure.
Magnificent view of Sri Gethuk waterfal, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta (
How do you get there??
Sri Gethuk Waterfall of Gunungkidul is a unique object you need to visit when you're traveling to Yogyakarta. If you start from Yogyakarta to Sri Gethuk Waterfall location, you can take direction to Wonosari city. Just follow the Yogja-Wonosari road until you reach Gading T-junction. At that point, there's a signpost and follow the directions as you go until you reach the Playen district. In the Playen, you might find many directions to Sri Gethuk Waterfall as well as a number of other tourism objects. We recommend that you take a path through a paved road even though it is a little further away than if you are off-road. This off-road is worth avoiding given its bad condition of rocky roads.

Click Hidden green Jewel to guide you to Sri Gethuk Waterfall

When you reach this area, you will see fishing pond area which also serves as a parking area. Start from this point you should be on “walking touring” to waterfall site. There are two passable road options, the first is down the paths. Along this path you might see beautiful rice fields. While the second option is quite extreme, you have to traverse the swift currents of the Oya River with a simple raft made of boards and used drums.

When the best moment to enjoy Sri Gethuk??
Travel to Sri Gethuk Waterfall site will be very fun if done in the morning, especially if you choose the option to across the Oya River. In the morning, the flow of the Oya river is still fairly calm so the trip will certainly be comfortable while enjoying the warm morning sun greetings. Along the river, freshly-looking green trees and shrubberies grow on the sturdy karst cliffs that bound on the right and left side of the river. Beautiful and crystal clear river water that flows between high cliffs remind to exoticism of Green Canyon in Ciamis, West Java Province. If you lucky, you might see beauty rainbow over the waterfall.

layered limestone which formed the cliffs offering a beautiful natural floor below the waterfall. Crystal clear water of Oya river being the best part of this site for water recreation (
Story of Sri Gethuk
The origin of sri gethuk name is derived from word “Kethuk”. Kethuk itself according to local community is one of “gamelan” (traditional musical) instruments of Jin Anggo Meduro (human-shaped mystic creature). It is believed that the mystic “gamelan” was preserved on the past at waterfall site. Then till this moment the exotic waterfall is known by the name of Sri Gethuk. Believe it or not, supposedly in certain times local residents still often hear the sound of the gamelan from the waterfall site.

Ticket price for entrance is IDR 3,000, - includes a ticket to visit Rancang Kencono cave around this tourism area. If you want to ride a raft to the waterfall, you are only charged IDR 5,000, - / person for round trip. For visitors who like to swim in the cool Oya river, can also rent a float which rates IDR 2,000, - / person.

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